Blockchain & crypto

Our corporate, regulatory, tax, IT and data lawyers advise businesses built on a blockchain and on transactions involving crypto-currency.

We have been following the blockchain revolution from its beginning. Rather than asking whether blockchain is here to stay, many businesses are now asking whether they can afford not to engage with blockchain technology.

In simple terms, blockchain technology is a means by which to move digital assets around in a decentralised online system and yet preserve value and integrity within that system. And in recent years the first wave of applications built on blockchain technology have emerged as digital or so-called crypto-currencies, digital securities and digital tokens.

Blockchain has potential applications that extend well beyond the world of financial services. Those applications will continue to evolve in unpredictable ways and there will undoubtedly be many failures and set backs to go alongside the successes that may yet revolutionise many industries.

Any form of disruptive or transformative new technology will undoubtedly throw up difficult and novel legal and regulatory issues. Blockchain is no different. Our team specialises in providing creative, solutions-focussed advice in a space where there may be no easy answers in the form of prescriptive regulation and established deal structures.


Skill set

  • Advising on and structuring ICOs, STOs and ITOs
  • Legal and regulatory due diligence on blockchain and crypto ventures
  • Regulatory advice as regards crypto-currencies generally
  • Advising on the legal status of smart contracts
  • Advice on the taxation of crypto-currencies
  • Intellectual property arising from assets stored on or derived from the blockchain
  • GDPR as it applies to blockchain technology
  • Blockchain related software development agreements
  • Liaising with overseas counsel to manage the legal and regulatory side of cross-border DLT projects

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