Life sciences May 14, 2018

ADC Biotech raises series C funding for development of antibody drug conjugate tech

We were delighted to act for Downing LLP on an investment of £1.14 million by Downing FOUR VCT (Healthcare) into ADC

Biotechnology Ltd, with that investment now earmarked for the development of proprietary antibody drug conjugate* (‘ADC’) technology (branded and patented by the company as ‘Lock-Release’).  The investment will also assist ADC with planned expansions into the US and elsewhere.

Downing’s investment follows-on from an aggregate £6 million invested into ADC Biotechnology Ltd in 2017, which was led by Maven Capital with co-investment from Finance Wales and Seneca Partners.

We look forward to watching the ADC business develop both here and in the US.

ADCs are antibodies that are attached to cancer-killing drugs (using chemical linkers) so as to facilitate targeted treatment of cancerous tissues.

Deal/project: Series C funding round

Date closed: April 2018

Space: Life sciences

Other lawyers and advisors: DWF (Frank Shepherd & team) acted for the company; BioScience Managers also advised Downing LLP


£1.14 million

Team advising
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