Sustainable living November 13, 2019

Founders Factory backs Bower Collective

Founders Factory – the start-up accelerator/incubator started by Brent Hoberman and Henry Lane Fox – has backed the seed funding round for our client Bower Collective.

Bower Collective is “on a mission to eliminate plastic waste” by supplying home and personal care products in re-usable packaging.

Co-founders Nick Torday and Marcus Hill commented post-completion: “We are thrilled to have brought Founders Factory onto the cap table and working with the HLaw team – led by Nick Westoll – we were delighted that walking the path from discussing deal terms to completion and drawing down funds has been a smooth collaborative experience.  We have big plans for Bower Collective – watch this space…”

Deal/project: Seed investment

Date closed: November 2019

Space: Sustainable living



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