Hospitality/retail September 28, 2020

Sodexo partners with Dynamify to jump start hospitality and retail

HLaw has advised Dynamify on its commercial partnership with Sodexo on an ambitious plan to jump start Sodexo’s hospitality and retail sites across the UK.

In a COVID-19 world, long tightly-packed queues for food and drink with the physical exchange of cash at the end are probably a thing of the past.

Dynamify is building the tech that hospitality and retail will need to get going again, with functionality to include activities such as scan-and-go, pre-order and pre-pay, delivery, table service, reservations and customer loyalty.

Maxwell Harding, Founder and CEO of Dynamify, commented, “This is a transformational deal for Dynamify and we are looking forward to watching where this can take both Dynamify and also Sodexo. We needed quick-footed commercial legal advice and we got that from the team at Humphreys Law.

Deal/project: Commercial partnership

Date closed: August 2020

Space: Hospitality/retail

Other lawyers and advisors: Confidential

Team advising
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