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Esports June 18, 2020
Esports: opportunities and challenges

Esports: opportunities and challenges

Hot on the heels of our first esports panel discussion, we recently held another deep-thinking esports panel session focussing on challenges and opportunities for esports in a world where all the decks have been shuffled by Covid-19.

The global esports industry has boomed over the past few years, with countries such as China, South Korea and the United States recording large increases in participation and spectatorship numbers yet the UK has been left behind considering the size of its population and gaming industry.

Our panel members explore why has there been such a slow uptake of esports in the UK and Europe in comparison to the maturity of esports in certain parts of Asia with particular first hand insights from our panel members in Hong Kong as well as the key opportunities in spite of the slow growth.


Our panel members were:

Rowena Samarasinhe – Sports Lawyer and Commercial Consultant, GENSport

Oliver Weingarten – Co-founder of esports venture, LDN Utd

Oli Hammond – Investor, Fuel Ventures

Sean Hung  – Esports Investor, HZL Capital

Sean Zhang – Co-founder, Talon esports

And Lucy Ganbold from HLaw was the moderator.

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