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Data protection February 19, 2020
3 key ways to prepare for post-Brexit GDPR

3 key ways to prepare for post-Brexit GDPR

The GDPR updated Europe’s data protection landscape when it took effect in 2018. This had an impact on all businesses that handled personal data, including data relating to their clients, employees, customers, suppliers, etc.

The United Kingdom has now left the European Union (as of 31 January 2020) and has entered into a transition period which ends on 31 December 2020. During this transition period, the United Kingdom and the European Union will negotiate the terms of their new relationship.

The GDPR will continue to apply during the transition period but will no longer be part of the United Kingdom’s data protection legal framework following the end of the transition period.

HLaw’s Husna Grimes and Victoria Clement talk about the three key preparations you can make during the transition period as regards data protection in this report (published by our client Glisser).

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