FinTech May 1, 2019

New challenger bank raises first round of funding: Founders Bank prepares to enter the crypto market

Founders Bank, backed by the world’s largest crypto-currency exchange (Binance), has raised its first round of equity funding.  HLaw acted alongside General Counsel, Alex Underwood, and external counsel in Malta on the round and on Founders Bank’s management incentive scheme.

The new challenger bank aims to bridge the gap between the traditional world of finance and emerging innovation in crypto-currencies and ventures using distributed ledger technology.  Founders Bank is based in Malta but plans to quickly scale overseas.

The HLaw team is thrilled to be working with Founders Bank on what can only be an incredibly exciting journey in the years to come.




Deal/project: Seed funding round

Date closed: May 2019

Space: FinTech

Team advising
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