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Newsletter August 22, 2018
How to invest in an ICO the TokensGate way

How to invest in an ICO the TokensGate way

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umphreys Law was pleased to recently host serial investor and blockchain entrepreneur Simon Piekarz, co-founder of TokensGate, at our office in London to educate a private audience of investors, lawyers and businesses on blockchain, ICOs (initial coin offerings), and key things to look for when investing in blockchain generally.

The talk was very much focused on those who know nothing about blockchain or ICOs but may have heard about it and were curious about how to invest or get involved. Simon talked about the blockchain concept, the technologies being developed, the state of the market, and also about the concept of an ICO. He also talked around some of the big challenges for investors, and the regulations that currently prevail.

He then presented the TokensGate platform, an asset management platform that allows people to invest in early stage businesses that offer cryptocurrency tokens in exchange for ether. The platform is aimed at people who want to invest in blockhain businesses but have no real knowledge or expertise in this area.  It uses smart contract technology connected to the cloud, managing an investors’ assets held in smart wallets in an automated way.

Simon Piekarz believes ICOs will not just be in the domain of blockchain companies. In a blog earlier this year, he said that ICO are likely to be more popular as a capital fundraising mechanism for traditional companies. More companies building businesses that are not necessarily blockchain related will try to interest potential ICO investors. Part of the reason for this is that only a limited number of companies have a chance for a real IPO because of the regulations and costs of operation, so an ICO opens new possibilities that are worth exploring.

Jeremy Glover, Senior Consultant at Humphreys Law, commented, “We are seeing international ventures such as TokensGate come to do business in the UK as a major centre of crypto and blockchain based activity, although it’s clear the UK is competing with Switzerland, Malta and other jurisdictions as a base from which to launch operations. This is why as a follow up, Humphreys Law is holding a follow-up event in Malta in September 2018, in order to discuss opportunities in the country with some of the key players there.”

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