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Covid-19 July 13, 2020
Life after lockdown: the 90% economy and what it means for businesses and investors

Life after lockdown: the 90% economy and what it means for businesses and investors

HLaw virtual panel: the 90% economy – what lies ahead for entrepreneurs and investors?

Much has been said about how some entrepreneurs sprinted to pivot their business models when Covid-19 hit. As the furlough scheme starts to be phased back and the country slowly opens back up, how can businesses plan to succeed in a disrupted economy?

With chaos and disruption comes innovation and lasting change, but what change will we see and what for the good and what for the worse.

Anecdotal evidence is pointing to an increase in M&A activity in Q.4 as businesses look to consolidate and investors and buyers look to snap up bargains.  With people hesitant to travel, and more and more reliant on the likes of Teams and Zoom, are we entering a new era for the way in which deals are sourced and then executed?

These and other topics were discussed by:

Geoff Bamber: CEO & Founder of Digme Fitness

Vivien Wong: Co-Founder of Little Moons

Glen Waters: Founder and Head of PwC Raise and Director, M&A Transaction Services, PwC,

moderated by Lizzy Williams from HLaw.

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